Pet Health Library
                   VIN veterinary database for information on all pet health topics

                   Companion Therapy Laser to get started on the road to turning your pet’s hurting to healing.  

Latest pet stories, news, tips, and advice from Hill' Pet Nutrition

                                  Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Lisa Radosta's website. Great tips ranging from basic puppy training and socialization                                    to complex behavior issues.

                              The American Association of Feline Practitioners created this resource to help you learn more about your cat’s natural behaviors,                                   the importance of routine veterinary care, and providing care of your cat, as well as answer many common questions.

Pet Health Network® is for pets and their people.   A community created for people like you, by people just like you – people who have dogscats, and other pets as part of their families.   Dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and trustworthy information to ensure your four-legged family members enjoy the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives possible.

  • Information that will help you keep your pets as healthy as possible.
  • A resource to help you really understand the full range of care available to your pet.
  • A community where people who love their pets as much as you do go to share ideas, stories, pictures, and a lot more.
  • A source you can trust, in one place, developed by people who have helped shape veterinary care

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